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Pharamond King Of France

A Kind Von Mir (child of mine) is a descendant of Pharamond King Of France (370 – 427/430 AD). Pharamond is believed to be the first King Of The Salian Franks / France. He reigned from 410 to 426.

King Pharamond was born around 370 AD in Westphalia, Germany and died about 430. His father was Marcomir Duke of the East Franks (347 – 404 AD). His mother was Marcomir Duchess Of The East Franks. His paternal grandparents were Clodius Franks IV and Blesinde de Allemanie; his maternal grandparents were Richimir de Lombardy and Ascyla. He had a younger sister named Ildegonde.

He was unable to have children with his first wife, Imberge. In 394 AD, he married Argotta Queen of the Franks (daughter of the King of Cimbres.) They had at least two children, Clodian “Le Chevelu” (395 – 449 AD) and Adelbertus, Duke Of Moselle (405 – 491 AD).

In 420, he is believed to have led his people across the Rhine River heading west. The movement separated his tribe from the Ripuarian Franks settlement near Cologne.

His son Clodian succeeded him as King.

Some descendant of the Pharamond family established a restaurant on the rue de la Grande Truanderie in 1832. They are famous for their tripes à la mode de Caen.

Basina Princess Of The Thuringians

A Kind Von Mir (child of mine) is a descendant of Basina Princess Of The Thuringians and Queen of the Franks / Germany (398 AD).

Her father was Weldelphus Of The Thuringians. Her mother was Queen Besina I. She married Clodius “Long Hair” of Salic, King of the Franks.

She had at least 3 children, Mberovbee King Of France (born 415 in France died around 0457/0458), Albberic (Albero) Lord Of Moselle (born 417 in France died 456), and
Sigimberus I Bishop Of Auvergne (born 419, Westphalia, Germany).