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Yngvi King In Turkey (193 AD)

A Kind Von Mir (child of mine) is a descendant Yngvi King In Turkey. Yngvi was born about 193 in Noatun, Sweden. With his wife, they had a child King Of Swedes Njord in about 214 AD.

Yngvi is a descendant of Prince Capys I son of King Dardamum Assaracus.

In Dardania, King Assaracus was succeeded on the throne by his son Capys I. Near the end of the Trojan War, Capys is said to have suggested throwing the Wooden Horse (Trojan Horse) into the sea. He was father of Anchises I, the father of Aeneas, commander of the Dardanians during the Trojan War. Aeneas is remembered for his courage and piety, as well as, the one who was destined to survive and to save the House of Dardanus I from extinction. Aeneas escaped from the flames of the defeated Troy and emigrated to Italy. There he established the kingdom which in time gave birth to Rome.

Eystein Adilsson King Of Sweden (594 AD)

A Kind Von Mir (child of mine) is a descendant of Eystein Adilsson King Of Sweden (594 AD).

Eystein’s father was Adilis “Athils” Ottarsson and his mother was Yrsa Helgasdatter. His paternal grandparent was Ottar (Vendilkraka) Egilsson. His maternal grandparents were Helgi Halfdansson and Olof (The Mighty). He had a half-brother named Hrolf.

Eystein had at least one child, Ingvar “The Tall” Eysteinsson King Of Sweden.

He died in Lovund… killed in a rebellion.

Eystein ruled the Swedes after his father, at which time Rolf, the King of Leidra died. King Eystein was at a feast in a district called Lofond when a plundering sea king called Solve, a son of Hogne of Njardo from Jutland surrounded the house and burned him and all his court. Solve then went to Sigtun to gain the Swedes approval, there followed a famous eleven day battle but Solve won, ruling Sweden until the Swedes betrayed him and had him killed.

Snorri Sturluson relates that Östen ruled Sweden at the time when Hrólf Kraki died in Lejre. It was a troubled time when many sea kings ravaged the Swedish shores. One of those kings was named Sölve and he was from Jutland (but according to Historia Norwegiae he was Geatish). At this time, Sölve was pillaging in the Baltic Sea and so he arrived in Lofond (probably the island of Lovön or the Lagunda Hundred), where Östen was at a feast. It was night-time and Sölve and his men surrounded the house and set it on fire burning everyone inside to death. Then Sölve arrived at Sigtuna (Old Sigtuna) and ordered the Swedes to accept him as king. The Swedes refused and gathered an army that fought against Sölve and his men, but they lost after eleven days. The Swedes had to accept him as king for a while until they rebelled and killed him.